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Liid is a mobile sales app, which core functionality is to identify calls from people whose phone number you have in your CRM and to log these calls under the right contact, lead and account. You can use your Android as you would normally do and trust that both incoming and outgoing calls are logged.
For inside or outside sales, this selling tool will make you and your company reach new levels of productivity.
In addition to identifying and logging phone calls you can also log meetings and emails. All of your actions are instantly synced with the Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics web app on your computer. LiiD’s Android app allows you to easily capture information after calls and carry your sales data with you everywhere you go.
- Automatically identify business calls and choose to track them in your CRM
- Calls for which we find a match in your CRM, can be logged automatically
- Calls for which we cannot find a match in CRM can be logged manually
- Sync all of notes, calls and contacts across the computers and devices you use
- Track emails and associate them with sales leads and customers
- Add tasks and reminders so you always remember to follow up
- Scan Business Cards
- Add Notes by Speech-to-Text
- 30 Day Free Trial
Support for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics On Premise.

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Version: 5.2.4

Requires: Android 4.1 or later



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