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LOOK IT Wireless Rear Vision System
The next generation of wireless rear vision safety!
LOOK IT® wireless backup camera rear vision system will change the way you park your vehicle and improve your safety. Turn your iPhone and Android into a backup camera and connect wirelessly to your smartphone allowing you to see the camera view on your smartphone screen. In addition to improved safety, the LOOK IT® wireless rear vision system will help you to back up safely, help you with parallel parking and will reduce blind spots.
LOOK IT is a technology-driven company that designs, engineers and manufactures in and out car experiences that keep drivers connected and secure. LOOK IT puts design and building innovation at the core of everything they do.
QuickView Technology
One-touch operation for safe driving and instant activation
Simply touch the patent-pending QuickView remote and it will instantly show the rear vision camera and additional smartphone application. Attach the QuickView wireless remote to your steering wheel or dashboard to safety and conveniently access your rear vision camera.
Does not require professional installation
Easy to install as simple as replacing your license plate! It only takes a screwdriver and a couple of minutes. NO complicated wiring and NO holes to drill in your vehicle.
Professional installation is only required if automatic activation when in reverse is requested.
• Key features
• State-of-the-art technology connects wirelessly to your smartphone
• Easy do-it-yourself installation (5 minutes or less!)
• One-touch QuickView technology
• The wireless remote automatically enables the camera and launches smartphone applications
• Smart grid line calibration and adjustable camera angle
• Optional automatic activation when in reverse*
• Rugged, waterproof licence plate holder, with long-lasting replaceable battery
• Magnetic universal smartphone holder
† Requires custom installation. See the owner’s manual for more details.
‡ Can be mounted on the dashboard or steering wheel.
Supports multiple smartphones
For added convenience, the LOOK IT wireless rear vision system can be synced with multiple smartphones.
Anti-theft master smartphones pairing
LOOK- T is extremely secure. It must be paired with an authorized smartphone to operate, making it useless to thieves.
Designed and engineered to last
All LOOK IT wireless rear vision systems are designed and engineered in North America for maximum quality, performance and longevity. LOOK IT wireless rear vision are built to hold up under rigorous operating conditions.
LOOK IT camera license frame holder can be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations during driving operation. Its proper function during permanent operation is guaranteed between -30C and + 30C.
Weatherproof design and winter performance
The internal control module is completely enclosed and the LOOK IT camera license plate holder is water and dust-proof. Road salt affects electronic equipment heavily and encapsulated LOOK IT camera license frame is protected against road salt.
The LOOK IT wireless rear vision system includes a replaceable battery pack, which is designed to be maintenance-free for 4 years under normal operating conditions.
LOOK IT, visit
Please consult the Help section of the App for detailed Owners Guide.
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Copyright Look-IT TM 2016 Lightwave Technology Inc.

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Requires: Android 5.0 or later


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