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Learn the basque language and use this application to speak and communicate in basque. Can be used by tourist or people who want to learn basque.
- can be used without internet
- for beginners and advanced users
- words and sentences are grouped by categories
- you can choose and show your favorite words
- Each word can be showed in basque and in your local language
- You can listen every words by a basque voice
- Zoom your word to show it
- Copy your word and paste it by message or email
You can also use this application in many situations:
- ask about the weather and forecast
- know everything about animals in basque
- ask for a date or schedule
- communicate with people in the street or in a pub
- get informations about the directions to take to go somewhere
- communicate with a doctor if you are sad
- go to the restaurant and get information about food and menus
- book a room in an hotel
- get the equivalent of the basque numbers in your language
- take the transport and ask for ticket or destination
- go to shopping and communicate
- get informations about your body parts informations
- ask about time and delays
- get the signification of al the countries in basque
- express your feelings in basque
- get informations about te different clothes and sports
- ask for questions about anything you want
- introduce yourself to people you want to discuss
- travel and ask about hotels or to rent a car
- find or apply for a job in basque
- communicate about your astrologic sign
- know everything about the part of a car
You can get a lot of different sentences wich can be used in many situations



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android5.0 or later


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