LifeLine-Asansol Hospitals Info. Finder

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Medical | 8.3MB


LifeLine Medical app features:-
✔Provides A basic Information about hospitals and nursing homes.
✔Provides information about the ambulance services in the Asansol region.
✔Allows you to register complains.
✔Allows you to contact with the app developer.
✔Build For Asansol City
✔Compatible across all your devices.
✔Detailed Information about the hospitals can be obtained by clicking on the hospital picture on the app.
✔All the Information are sourced from Google.
✔Detailed Information about the ambulance can be obtained by clicking on the ambulance picture on the app.
Disclaimer: This app just provides some basic information about the hospitals and ambulance services in Asansol and the information are sourced from public sources. We are not all all in collaboration with any kind of medical department of the Government.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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