MEETFLASH: Your Flash moments!

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What is Meetflash?
Meetflash is an app bringing together people who spontaneously want to have photos taken with others around them who want to capture that unique moment. You can swap between being the model and the photographer and earn money from any photos purchased.
Fantastic advantages!
• Quick and spontaneous: you simply need to download the app from the store and find the photographer or model closest to you by geolocation.
• Planned: if you want to arrange a future flash moment you just need to give a date and location for the appointment.
• Private: Meetflash guarantees the privacy of your photos and videos stored in the app. You only share the ones you like the most, when, where and with whom you choose.
• Secure: Avoid frights! You don't have to hand over your mobile phone for the photos so there is no risk of it being stolen or dropped and damaged.
• Simple: in just a few intuitive steps, create memories worth framing. Relive your experiences.
• Collaborative: you can swap between being a photographer or a model whenever you wish and connect with people around you.
• Fun: find your photographer through the app without bothering anyone and allow anyone you want to form part of your flash moment.
It’s this easy:
• Download the app.
• Choose whether you want to be model or photographer.
• Arrange to meet.
• Have your flash moment!
Download the app on your mobile and register.
Choose whether you want to be model or photographer, it's your choice depending on what suits you at the time.
With the help of geolocation, you can ask to meet the person closest to you and they will accept or reject your request.
Ready! You just need to download the photos and videos that you like most and pay for them!
Go beyond the selfie: connect, cooperate, share and create your flash moments.



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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