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MMBag Application it's an idea that we want you to show everyone how Impressive you are and show your beauty with a way that brings eyes to you which is what we always
Looking For.
The project took a year and a half of planning and designing
To show it you with this Fantastic look.
MMBag or (My makeup bag) it is a store offers you selling the finest International brands service.
The contents of the application :
-The interface contains Defined options and Accessibility
- the main page contains offers and Commercials with an
Easy searching filter.
- the store section designed with a professional way to
Contain the finest brands that you will definitely loves it.
- the store details allows you the free to choose what suits you
best plus put your wanted products in your own bag or your
Favorite list.
- in addition you can put the comments in the store and that's
a service provides credibility to customers plus you can put
Likes on the product and advise the others of it.
- your bag section runs products that you're bought from the store it's easy to use and contains a many ways of Payment Options plus You can merge the bills.
- the profile section you can put the pics you want and manage some options such as the address, phone number, edit the comments you shared in this section, following your favorites and tracking The orders.
- the options section allows you to choose the language you want
From Arabic or English plus you can change your password if you Want to save your personal data and allows you to connect with us.
- for more information please connect us on:



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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