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Beard Photo Editor camera - Beard Cam Maker Live allows you to experiment with different types of facial hair and find the one that suits you the best. Beard Face Editor is a fashion beard booth that lets you have any kind of beard you want. Impress your friends with bearded photo .
Applying Men Stylish Beard Mustache and Hair on Photos -
Get Men Stylish beard on your existing photos instantly. These men stylish beards will look the most Realistic Beards. The Realistic Beards comes with the following options
- Beard Booth automatically checks your head pose
- Makes the Mens Stylish Beards in Prespective Mode ( As per your head pose)
- Beard Booth Provides options to blend the beard perfectly with the photos - lighting, coloring etc using tools like Contrast, Saturation and Brightness. - these Beards look realistic and not just a sticker - stuck on the face.
Beard Photo Editor is a beard booth which allows you to apply beard photos on Live Camera as well as on your photos from phone.
Applying Men Stylish Beards Mustaches on Live Camera .
Beard Photo Editor Studio allows you to take Selfies of yourself with trending Beard Styles. This Live Beard Salon will automatically recognize your face and warp different Mustache and Beard Styles and Hairs on Live Beard Camera Editor . You can check which beard style suits you before actually growing a Beard. Check it out and take a snap photo. Your friends are going to be surprised looking at your beard photos.
Beard Photo Editor - is a complete Beard Salon with the most latest, trending and realistic beard styles. Its an InstaBeard app for you to impress everyone with the latest dashing beard and Man Mustache Beard. It is fun Mustache Beard Changer app to instantly apply realistic beards on your face.
Beard Photo Editor Camera Live will give you a new hottest look and surely you will look handsome hunk .
- Advance Artificial Intelligence(AI) for face detection to apply realistic beard automatically
- Try Beard on Live Camera - Mustache and Beard Changer
- Beard Salon : Trending beard style
- Realistic Beards Tools - Prespective Mapping (Automatic) , Contrast, Brightness and Saturation
- Share beard photo on social media directly from the app.
with Man face changer you can Put the mustache , beard , glasse , hair in you Selfie .
1- Easy to use
2- You can initially cut the image you want to edit
3- You can choose hair, mustache, glasses, caps and resize which is exactly fit on your picture destination.
4- You can change shading of hair, mustache and beard.
5- In the end you can share them on Facebook or simply spare them on the phone screen.
6- You can add many glasses of different types
you can either instrument picture from you Mobile display or you can even now another one from your Mobile Camera. you can change the Hair Style of your picture and can change the mustache and you can add Many Glasses cap beard mustache and facial hair. This is truly an enthralling capacity.

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Version: 2.0

Requires: Android 4.0.3 or later


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