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Marathi Bhajan Sangrah application is a collection of bhajan and arati.
Using this app will you can read religious lots of bhajans and arati in marathi language .
Main categories of bhajan is…
* गण
* स्तवन/प्रार्थना
* अभंग भजन
* वंदनगीत
* रुपावली
* भारुड
* गौळण
* भैरवी
* गजर
* भक्तीगीत
Collection of arati is…
* गणपतीची आरती
* हनुमानाची आरती
* श्री रामाची आरती
* शंकराची आरती
* शनिदेवाची आरती
* दत्ताची आरती
* श्री विठोबाची आरती
* श्री विष्णूची आरती
* खंडोबाची आरती
* श्री कृष्णाची आरती
* नारायणाची आरती
* श्री साईबाबांची आरती
* ज्ञानदेवाची आरती
* श्रीसत्यनारायणाची आरती
* आरती कालभैरवाची
* श्री कालभैरवाची आरती
* श्री महालक्ष्मीची आरती
* तुळशीची आरती
* आरती वटसावित्रीची
* मंगळा गौरी आरती
* हरितालिकेची आरती
Feature :-
-Completely offline application so you can use application without internet.
-Beautiful user friendly interface.
-Chang text size for better readability.
-Choose favorite Bhajan and Arati.
-Share bhajan and arati to each other via social media like Whatsapp,Facebook,email and etc.
Owner of this application do not have any right on the content present in this application.
In this app, if you found any information that is owned by you or any content that violates your copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights,please contact to us at ‘’.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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