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Mobile TaskBar allows you to run or open
any application ,settings at any time without interrupting running task/apps.
Main Features
* Quick task switcher/app switcher without interrupting current task
* Creates Beautiful Task-bar on the bottom edge.
* Provides multitasking on mobile apps.
* Apps search by using this task-bar to open applications.
Tools Settings
✓ Enable/disable Network Settings
✓ Enable/disable Wifi Settings
✓ Enable/disable Bluetooth Settings
✓ Airplane Settings
✓ Screen Brightness Settings and also display brightness percentage.
✓ Display Battery Status
✓ Quick to open system Settings from any running task
✓ Quick to open Alarm Settings and display next alarm timing and day information.
✓ Browse contact from click on user image button.
This task bar launcher is powerful floating task switcher.
How to use it?
☆ Enable task bar Taskbar on/off from settings screen.
☆ After enable floating Task-bar icon will appears on screen.
☆ Click task-bar icon to "Start" Taskbar Launcher.
☆ Change Task-bar start button/icon location by moving on screen.
( Click an hold for a while, then move around the screen to change its location. )



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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