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Moon Calendar application is A tool for you to get in touch with nature again. Position of the Moon its phase and zodiac sign has influence on most things on Earth from tidal waves, animals, plants to us and all our activity. Moon Calendar contains a collection of advices and rules that influence all major parts of our life from health, collecting herbs, doing house chores to growing plants in the garden.The success of work does not depend just on our qualification for the job, but it also depends on the time when we do it by the current Moon position. By calculating moon phase and zodiac sign and searching through the influence knowledge database, Moon Calendar application is able to show you current Moon position influence and its effects. These are divided into several categories: Basic basic information about the day Home influence on the work done in our home, e.g. cleaning, doing laundry, etc. Health influence on our health, body parts, operations, etc. Garden best time for planting, watering, harvesting, etc. Herbs influence on collecting, storing and using herbs Forest influence on woodcutting and its qualityThere are also two additional categories, not tied to the moon influence: Organ rhythm shows activeresting time of body organs Plants both for hobby and professional gardeners: quot;good and bad neighboursquot;. Do the particular plants support each other, or should not be planted closely together?Main activity has three parts. The first part is showing moon phases, with the current moon state in the center. Left of current moon state are phases in the past, right are the phases still to come. Clicking on any of this phases shows detail information about the clicked moon phase. Second part is showing moon zodiac signs, with the current sign in the center. Similar as above left are already passed, right are still to come and clicking on any sign shows information about the clicked zodiac sign. The last part is showing influence of the current time. These influence rules are grouped into several logical categories. Icons in front of rules indicate if the rule is very positive quot;quot; icon, positive quot;quot; icon, negative quot;quot; icon, very negative quot;quot; icon, or it is just an information quot;iquot; icon. Sometimes there can be several lines for the same rule, just with different icons. In this case there is a mixed influence and the effects are stacked.Next icons show what is influencing that rule. It can be moon phase, element, moon force, zodiac sign or day of the year.Long clicking on the whole group will show all rules under that category. Also long clicking on the rule itself will show the collection of rules with the same influence.Moon Calendar application is available in Slovene and English language.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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