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My Computer Theme Mobile File Explorer for your Mobiles.It's amazing feature like browse, cut, copy, paste, delete, send files.The File manger while browsing feels like your computer file explorer.You have an option for application manager and you can launch from this explorer,app search feature is there and also one touch to take all apps backup to the mobile.
So many feature are there in this Mobile Explorer.
* Quick to open Music, Picture, Videos, Documents, Download files by folder wise.
* Application Launcher with search fields.
* Net Work information from this app.
* Set different type of themes for "My Computer Mobile Explorer" with different type of text colors
* Create New Folder/Directory, Search file option for your files.
* Display Memory Space,available Space and also Shows number of file item.folder in folder including date of created folder.
* Different type of explorer view like tiles,Thumbs,List like desktop folder view.
* Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Info of all files.
* Access to show hidden file explorer for this need to enable "Show Hidden Files/Folder".find this on menu and settings button
* Different types of sorting for files browse. find this on menu and settings button.
New Version Additional Use Full Tools :
* Text on Photo: 30 types of font styles and colors to add text for your gallery pics.
* Crop Shapes: Now you can custom shapes crop for your pics.we have give 15 different types shapes to crop images.
* Photo College & Photo editor for selected images, and also you can add stickers and text while college.
* Dairy Note Pad : To create notes on dairy and easy to access dairy by date.
* Text File Editor: You have an option to create text file from this create text tool.
* Type in Indian Languages:This app will support to type in Telugu, Oriya, Bangla, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, English. And also option to send your local language text.
* PDF-Scanner: Convert your documents into high-quality PDF document. PDF Scanner Convert images to premium quality PDF and option t save, share and open Pdf.Its very easy to create your own book with your own pages. You can Scan documents with your phone camera or from your mobile gallery png, jpg images and convert into PDF files.
* App Backup, Restore and Share: By using this feature you can take backup Apk and retrieve or restore when ever you want and also option to share app link or send Apk through email or Bluetooth.
* Speed Dailer: You want quick dial selected contacts by using this you can create dailer shortcut on home screen with selected image and click shortcut to call.
* Speed SMS :You want quick message selected contacts by using this you can create SMS shortcut on home screen with selected image and click shortcut to SMS.
* Speak Time: You want to notify current time then you can activate this, by using this you will get alert by speaks current time, you have an option to selected interval to speaks time like every 15, 30 min's or 1 Hours.and also you can activate day-mode to speaks time in day time only.
* Quick Resumes: You can prepare or make bio-data or resumes by using this with very quick.3 types of formats are there Basic,Experienced, Professional type.This one is very important and useful, every time you want carry your PC by using this you can make it.
* Gif Maker: Create Gif animation file from selected Images. You have an option to crop different shape your selected images to make gif and also option to share, open gif files.
* Image Blur: Blur Selected image with finger touch on photo, Option to select photo option from Gallery/Camera for blur,
* Doodle Paint: Glow paint on canvas with doodle effects with different colours and also option to save, share and easy to open your creation.
* Compass: Compass tool for your mobile with heading degrees display my rotating compass.
So many feature are please find while using this mobile explorer.



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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