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Now for your Android device! NDT Workpad inspection calculator fromNDT.org is the perfect companion for the NDT inspection and nondestructive testing technician, engineer, or student. The application includes useful, everyday tools and resources like: Eddy current testing - Enter material, relative permeability, frequency, and Depth to find standard depth of penetration and eddy current field phase lag.electrical conductivity and resistivity tables.Ultrasonic Testing wavelength, near field, beam spread half angle, and acoustic impedance calculation, Shear Wave angle of refraction calculation, and acoustic properties for materials table.X-ray Testing gamma ray exposure calculator, film density calculator, attenuation calculator, and indication of depth calculator.Nominal pipe survey values database Bolt torque calculator for si and metric.NDT terminology glossary.

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Version: 1.7

Requires: Android 2 or later



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