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Name Art Maker is a beautiful & amazing
application to decorate and stylize your name or any text you write and create awesome love cards.
If you love to add text on pictures or quotes or thoughts, Calligraphy App is the best app to add text, artworks and stickers on photos.
Now write any text on photo with different colors of your choice and different stylish fonts using
Name on pics.
Text art can write your name on photos and baby names in different unique writing styles. You can also create a naming bracelet with signature maker for your dear friends that can be shared on Whatsapp, Facebook, instagram etc
Name Art Maker is packed with
Fine Art, Sketch, Text Art, Stickers, Effects, Color Filters, and Exciting Editor tools to make Name state-of-the-art
Name Art Maker 2017 / Name Art Maker 2018 - Name on my pics work as
awesome name editor
, name creator, name card generator, name art maker, love greeting card creator. You also your it as picture status on social network...
Using Signature Maker you can make your name like your signature. Easily convert Text to signature.
Name On Pics 2017 / Name On Pics 2018 to create photo with name and make name wallpapers. Focus n Filter is Fingertip Art and provide styles calligraphy name font, art stickers and backgrouds.
Photo Pe Name Likhna in filter
provide 50+ famous unique font style, 200+ beautiful backgrounds and emoji to make your name on different
social media Profile Picture.
Name Art 2017 / Name Art 2018 is providing you amazing font styles and smiles to make your name more beautiful on different social media profile pictures.
Calligraphy Name or the art of fancy writing has thousands of years in its history and development.
Features of Name Art Maker
★ Useful for everyone
★ Set Different type of background and gradients.
★ Attractive decoration materials
★ Choose Favorited pics and write your name on that pics.
★ Add more than 100+ fancy texts to the name using stylish name maker or my name art.
★ 500+ different emoji and sticker used to decorate your name art.
★ Edit photos store them to the gallery of your phone!
★ Save your name as an image on your memory
★ Name on Pics image you can set as wallpaper.
★ Save your name as a image on your memory.
★ Share your Fine Art with your friend.
Focus And Filters is the art of spiritual architecture, which is in the process of creation through calligraphy or khath jasmani. tool, described as a sense of beauty, advisory mind, weapons knowledge, storing secrets and troubles of life.
You can also
set the profile or DP
of your Instagram,Facebook,whats app,etc. this profile picture is different from your other friends.
Alos Known As:
Name Art,focus.n.filters,focus.n.filter,focus n filter,Stylish Name Maker,filter n focus,filters n focus,filterNfocus,focusNfilter,filter.n.focus,signature maker,signature insta,insta focus filter,focus K&N filter,Fingertipart,Fingertip Art,Name on Birthday Cake,Text On Photo,Photo pe Nam likhe
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Version: 2.8

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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