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With this application Nanny I look, your phone can act as a receiver of video nanny I glance. You'll be able to view images from video nanny, talk to the child, or to receive alarm notifications when the nanny detects motion, sound or cry.
Innovative video functionality nanny I glance:
- The motion detection and sound.
- Advanced analysis and sound recognition crying child - thanks to the cooperation of scientists has developed a sophisticated system I glance analysis of the audio from the camera, which can detect crying child.
- A color image.
- No additional receiver - the role of the receiver fulfills your phone.
- Technology Constant Contact - you can normally use the phone, play, talk, and the application will run in the background. When it detects movement, cry or the sound will be notified.
- Excellent image - camera has a CMOS sensor and IR cut filter to ensure the highest image quality.
- Alarms that suit you - you can define how you want to be notified about the alarm.
- Security - Video nanny I look works through Wi-Fi, and the configuration is assigned to the user account and your phone. So there is no possibility, for example, to a neighbor holding a video baby monitor of the same company merged with your video nanny.
- Talk to the child - the application allows short audio messages so you can soothe your child.
- Easy to use and connect
- Unlimited range - Video nanny I look operates through a network of Wi-Fi when both devices are in it. When you leave your home video nanny I glance enters I glance monitoring. You can then view the camera image from anywhere in the world. As a result, going to work, for example, you can peek as sitter deals with your child.
- Video nanny I look has a lot of additional possibilities - you can use it as a home video surveillance system, when you are on holiday or observe what bigger kids, babysitter or housekeeper do at home in your absence. You can also record the picture from the camera and store it in the cloud, so you always have access to your recordings.



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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