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This calculator let you input math quot;as isquot;. No need clicking numbers or functions just write it Example 23cos30.Except normal calculator application numerically computes:Derivatives at pointIntegralsFunction value at pointsFirst and second order differentialsFunction rootsProportionsAll numerical libraries used in this application are avaliable on my website to use for free In application you can use following functions:Sine sinHyperbolic sine sinhCosine cosHyperbolic cosine coshTangent tg, tanHyperbolic tangent tgh, tanhCotangent ctg, ctn, cotHyperbolic cotangent ctgh, ctnh, cothSecant secCosecant cscArcsine asinArccosine acosArctangent atgArccotangent actgExponential function with e base expSquare root sqrtBase 2 logarithm lgBase e logarithm lnBase 10 logarithm log



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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