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OTCam360 is a Wi-Fi controller which can remotely control 360 panorama camera using OTUS solution.
Main features:
- Real time camera preview
- Control picture snapshot & start/stop video recording
- Video/Photo playback
- File download to album
- Support VR (virtual reality) playback using finger gesture or mobile phone gyro sensor (needs to be recorded by "360VR" mode)
OTCam360 has revolution changed to a powerful wifi cam control app integrate with cloud platform to provide many map group communication features.
For group communication features:
OTCam360 combine “Doweing” platform , provide powerful features :
1. Communication :
Powerful Instant communication feature
1) Real time position,speed,sharing
2) Instant message with wifi camera connection snapshot
3) Drawing on screen Sync message
4) Group bulletin
Content :
Variety channel content & style
1) Variety Channel Content
2) Variety Point Content
(ex.speed cam with alter)
3) Variety
Route Content
3. Community:
Post & Share
1) Create great location
2) Create variety style point
Create route plan
2) Rich Point content record
3) For more update information please visit :
4) https://www.facebook.com/fndoweing/
5) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvbWxAKikOVgK6DDek0WECQ?app=desktop
7) ***Doweing platform current doesn't support China area***

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What's New OTCam360

Bug fix



Version: v1.0.47

Requires: Android 4.4 or later


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