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ObPwd objectbased password enables generating passwords from your GalleryPicasa image and video. The same imagevideo will generate the same password everytime. You must keep your password generating imagevideo file, but do not need to memorize the generated password. Using ObPwd tools you can always recreate your password from your files whenever you want.Steps:1. Select a photovideo from GalleryPicasa album2. Select Menu gt; Share gt; ObPwd3. Copy the generated password4. Paste your password in any textpassword fieldPasswords can be customized from the Options menu.Options use with caution:You can change the password length, and include some special characters.Once you have changed these preferences, your password will be generated accordingly. So if you generate a password with certain options, you must make sure that the same options have been selected when you want to recreate the password.Recommended files for ObPwd: Choose any imagevideo that is personally meaningful to you as you mustrecall this when you want to recreate your password. Publicly accessible files e.g., public picasa albums, or files shared withothers should not be used.Notes on the generated password: The password length is 12 characters, alphanumeric. There is no special character in the generated password. At most the first 100,000 bytes of your imagevideo are used for generating a password.More FAQs: http:www.ccsl.carleton.cammannanobpwdfaq.htmlPlease send any bug reports or other feedback to: mmannan@gmail com



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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