Offroad Farm Animals Truck Driving plane transport

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Get indulged in amazing farm animals airplane cargo transporter game, load up the farm animals and transport carefully on off-road environment in animals airplane transporter. Astonishing airplane transport simulator in town where airplane and truck are going to conveyance from zoo animals and city zoo to off-road station on cargo transport airplane or truck. Animal transportation with airplane cargo simulator transport tailor truck have a powerful machine and specially designed for people who love to play farm animal transportation games, but this game extraordinary from previous farm animals games.
Be a pilot plane fun driving and truck driving simulator action adventure, Polish your airplane pilot skills to transport zoo animals. Get a ride on off-road transport simulator and airplane cargo simulator with real wild animal & farm animal transportation game. Avoid traffic, crash and accident and transport animals safely. Only an expert pilot plane transporter game and truck driver can handle the transport duty in this off-road truck farm animals plane transporter and truck wild animal transport simulator game. Flying airplane cargo transport these animals like rhino, cheetah stag’s zebra and warthog, etc. in truck animals transport simulator start truck driving for adventure ride once animal gets loaded on truck safely then take the animal truck to city train and farm animals transport through airplane simulator too.
A truck is going to transport zoo animals from the city zoo to off-road destinations, be an off-road cargo transport truck driver of big cargo transport truck and plane. Farm animals transport plane cargo have, horses, sheep, zebra and cow & also need to be transported from city to airport and airport to another big city. As a cargo truck transporter, it’s your responsibility to fulfill truck driving simulator in a truck driving adventure. Farm animals transport with a plane of real wild animal and farm animal transportation and drive as a professional pilot plane operator to relish animal transport truck simulator game. Animals loaded on airplane cargo simulator for offroad transportation. Enjoy the crazy adventure of truck driving zoo airplane transporter and wild life animals transport zoo to wild jungle.
Features of Farm Animals Airplane Transporter:
• wild animal transportation zoo to airport and jungle
• Farm animals truck transport plane simulator
• Farm animals plane Transportation
• Love to play farm animals transportation task
• Amazing animal transport with helicopter simulator and truck simulator
• Interesting airplane and cargo truck controls
• Airplane flying and offroad cargo environment
• Stunning 3d graphics



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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