On Call End (not call log)

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call end, not call log, phone call, dialer call durationNo more call log after a phone callUse this application to change the default action your phone does after a phone call. Simply select what do you want your phone to do after a phone call: Do nothing Go to phone Home screen Go to phone Dialer Vibrateshow a toast message with the call duration. Outgoing call duration includes the ringing time.Configure separately for incoming and for outgoing calls.IMPORTANT note Sometimes Automatictask killers kill the application and it cannot do its job. If you experience such problems, please uninstall the Automatictask killer and configure OnCallEnd again.When android upgrades from one version to another it is possible OnCallEnd to loose its configuration stored on the phone. It shows the configuration you made, but the application does not work. To fix it, you will have to change all settings to something else, save the configuration and then set them back to your values. I am sorry for this but it is out of control of the application.



Version: 1.4

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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