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Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager breaks you free from the need to carry awkward authentication hardware to access sensitive corporate resources. By integrating with various Derived Credential solution providers, PIV-D Manager leverages two-factor authentication to give you instant access to the resources you need on-the-go.
A Derived Credential as defined by NIST SP 800-157 is an alternative token, which can be implemented and deployed directly with mobile devices (such as smart phones and tablets). In simpler terms, a Derived Credential is a client certificate that’s generated on the mobile device (or issued) after an end user has proven their identity by using their existing smart card (i.e. CAC or PIV) during an enrollment process.
Key Features
• Enables you to securely access your corporate email, browse websites, or connect to other company resources on your mobile device without having to attach a physical smart card reader to your mobile device.
• PIV-D works as a virtual smart card over Bluetooth so you can log in to your Mac or Windows machines without having to connect your physical smart card.
Note: Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager will not operate without the required Workspace ONE UEM infrastructure. Please contact your IT administrator before installing Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager.




Requires: Android4.4 or later


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