Pakistani Milli Naghmay: National Songs in Urdu

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In the month of august it is the independence day of Pakistan, that is why one can witness people playing Pakistani milli naghmay all over Pakistan. The app gives you the biggest milli naghmay collection of Pakistan where you can find the old milli naghmay as well as the new milli naghmay. In addition to giving you the best and most classical milli naghmay, the app brings you Pakistan anthem videos, Pakistan army songs and 6th September Pakistan defense day songs. Download the Pakistani milli naghmay app now and enjoy the most patriotic independence day national songs of Pakistan.
The Pakistani milli naghma and national songs in urdu comes with following categories of patriotic songs and anthems:
Pakistan Anthem – The first category of national songs that you can find in this Pakistani milli naghmay app is the Pakistan anthem. The app contains Pakistani anthem song and performed by various artists. You can listen to different kinds of Pakistan anthems performed on different kinds of instruments.
Pakistani National Songs – The other major category of songs that you can find in this milli naghma in urdu app is the Pakistani national or Pakistani patriotic songs. The Pakistani milli naghmay songs are available in the form of new Pakistani milli naghmay as well as the old and classical milli naghmay.
Independence Day Songs – 14th august is the independence day of Pakistan. Independence songs are also very popular among people of Pakistan. All Pakistanis across the nation play and sing independence day songs and celebrate 14th august with full enthusiasm.
Pakistan Army Songs – The third category of milli naghma in urdu songs that you can find in this app are Pakistan army songs. Pakistan army is a popular institution in Pakistan and ISPR keeps on releasing Pakistan army songs from time to time. You can listen to beautiful Pakistan army songs in this app for free.
6th September Defense Songs – The fourth category of Pakistani national songs that you can find in the app are 6th September songs. The national defense day songs are also popular among Pakistanis. All the Pakistanis celebrate defense day on 6th September and on this day they play defense day songs.
Download the Pakistani milli naghma songs now and enjoy Pakistani national songs the Pakistani patriotic songs and sing them loud on the day of independence, defense day and 6th September



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