Picasa CCTV (for Android 2.3 )

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- 2019.01.29.
Here's the new version which uses Dropbox API: http://bit.ly/cctv_box
- 2019.01.23.
Google's Picasa API stopped working recently,
and this app cannot be maintained without changing the API to the new Google Photos API.
Unfortunately, Google Photos API takes quite much money for me,
so I'm developing a similar app which runs on Dropbox.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Use your android device as a personal CCTV.
It will take and upload photos periodically to your Picasa web albums(now Google Photos),
and you can browse them later.
* Known issues *
- It may not work as expected if your 'google play service' is outdated.
- Taken photos will have the same resolution as your device's screen.
- You may need to configure your Google Photos service first.
- On some devices, camera preview or captured images are seen rotated 180 degrees. You can rotate them back with options in the app.

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What's New Picasa CCTV (for Android 2.3 )

Updated libraries and SDKs



Version: 0.0.9

Requires: Android 2.3 or later


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