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Regine Velasquez is a best-selling Filipino pop singer, recording artist, record producer, and accomplished actress. In her home country, she is known as "Asia's Songbird" and "The Queen of Pop." She is celebrated for her vocal range, musical diversity, and her trademark use of the "belting" technique. She has sold millions of records and is the best-selling artist of all time in the Philippines, with seven-million certified albums and 1.5 million certified albums throughout Asia. She has been awarded an Asian Television Award, 2 MTV Asia Awards, 18 Box Office Entertainment Awards, 16 Awit Awards, and 12 Aliw Awards.
Velasquez began singing very early and entered her first talent competition at age six. Since she could not read the song's lyrics, her father -- who would later become her manager -- sang them to her and she memorized them. Of the 200 competitions she participated in as both an amateur and a professional, she won 67.
Pinoy Music - Regine Velasquez Album Lists :
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Regine Velasquez - R2K
Regine Velasquez - R3.0 All Series
Regine Velasquez - Regine Live Songbird Sings The Classics
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Regine Silver Series
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Regine Velasquez - Retro
Regine Velasquez - Very Special
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