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Created by the American Society of Plumbing Engineers ASPE, the Plumbing engineering amp; Design Tables App offers in one convenient place all of the equations, pipe sizing data, and background information that you need to successfully complete plumbing system design and installation projects on a daily basis. The app includes applicable data and information from the major plumbing codes and standards used throughout the U.S., including the international Plumbing Code IPC, Uniform Plumbing Code UPC, and National Standard Plumbing Code.The information contained in this app was taken from a 2,500page handbook, making it the most comprehensive plumbing system sizing tool available. Instead of lugging around a book or typing information into an Excel spreadsheet, the Plumbing Engineering amp; Design Tables App provides all of the data you need at your fingertips.The apps interactive design tables allow you to choose the appropriate pipe material and other design criteria, and the sizing data appears instantly in either SI or English units. You can quickly and conveniently calculate pipe flow rates and velocities, friction loss, pressure loss, and stack flow rates.The design tables cover all of the formulas and equations commonly used in plumbing system design projects, including:Mannings equationHazenWilliams formulaDarcyWeisbach formulaBernoulli equationBoyles lawJoukowskys formulaColebrook formulaSpitzglass formulaHunters curveIn the design tables, the available piping material options include:ABSCast ironPVCCPVCPEXPolyethylene PEStainless steelCopperData for numerous types of plumbing systems is included, including:Domestic hot and cold water distribution systemsNatural gas and liquefied petroleum gas systemsVenting systemsBuilding drainage systemsStorm drainage systemsVacuum systemsIn addition to pipe sizing data, the app also provides:Drainage fixture unit DFU values for the major model plumbing codesTypical resistance coefficients for valves and fittingsWater supply fixture units WSFUSurface roughness coefficient C values for various types of pipeTypical hot water temperature for plumbing fixtures and equipmentBuilding occupant demographic classificationsHot water demand per fixture for various types of buildingsGallons liters of water per hour per fixturescfm to acfm conversionsBasic vacuum pressure measurementsConversions from torr to various vacuum pressure unitsIP and SI pressure conversionsBarometric pressures corresponding to altitudeFactors for flow rate reduction due to altitudePhysical and combustion properties of commonly available fuel gasesAverage physical properties of natural gas and propaneApproximate gas demand for common appliancesSpecific gravity of a variety of gasesFractions, decimal equivalents, and millimeter equivalentsTemperature equivalenciesThe full version of the Plumbing Engineering amp; Design Tables App is available only to members of ASPE. However, numerous features are unlocked for nonmembers to use. We invite you to explore these features and then visit to join and take advantage of all of the career benefits ASPE has to offer.The pipe sizing data you need to design and install plumbing system projects



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