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This is a Processing editor and compiler. Very easy to use, just one button to edit or run the sketch. Using Processing 2.0b8 JavaScript Mode. The app creates a folder pSide on sdcard containing the sketch and file . You may change or add files to this folder or delete the folder to reset sketch to default. App will re-create missing files and folder on startup but don`t overwrite. All Credits toProcessing and Processing.js You may load the sketch into a live wallpaper. Use WebSiteLiveWallpaper and go to settings / new / enter source" and enter file:///sdcard/pSite/index.html. The Sketch will load into the live wallpaper. Issues: May not run on devices without sd-card. May not run on some devices for some reasons. First Beta. Works great on my htc evo 3d.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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