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We bring to your table, An cloud based ultimate resource planning tool, so your team can perform in time bound and efficient manner.
We introduce PRORP- Professional Resource Planning, state-of-the-art technology to manage the tasks and people.
Prorp has 3 customized login profiles to making it a powerful tool synchronizing top management,team and clients in a single application! –
1. Prorp for the professional head
2. Prorp for the team members
3. Prorp for the clients
Assign and Manage workflow of your team members in the quickest and easiest way.
Monitor the status for all the ongoing tasks and services on hand, with full control on the happenings and let prorp guide your team for the next step.
Implement slick governance by setting due dates and deadlines to each task for your team and your client’s reference.
Assign task to the service once and for all. This genius will auto-assign corresponding tasks to similar services created further.
We at PRORP aspire to shape a strong bridge between professional bodies and their respective clients.
We have built our application with the conviction to aid the professionals with a powerful tool enabling them to align team’s functioning smoothly.
Prorp up your professional world embracing the future of collaborative professional team.
A team wherein even your clients lend a helping hand to join the dots.
With prorp, you get secured cloud sharing of tasks, documents and data between clients and team members.
Setting timely reminders for yourself and the team so those deadlines do not haunt.
Get the ultimate solution for all your work with this well blended professional utility tool with its sleek impulsive User interface!
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Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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