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NEED ROOT.NEED OVERCLOCK SUPPORT FROM KERNEL.The clock frequencies are provided by the kernel.This app lets you to control your CPU clock and governor. The widget lets you choose the CPU profile with just one click.The quickest CPU control application. Switch easily and fast between CPU profiles by tapping the widget on your homescreen or using the app.You can create multiple CPU profiles. You want to play and need more power? Overclock your CPU Need more battery life? You can easily double it.You can choose the right profile whit just one tap, whenever you want.Automatic detection CPU39;s available frequencies and governors.Dual core devices support.Features: Overclock your CPU more power Powersave battery speed down Advanced realtime device info kernel, uptime, CPU load, CPU clock, stats, memory battery, etc.Two widgets switcher and single.WARNING:If you are experiencing problems maybe you kernel is DONE BAD. Please report any issue. Send me a mail with all info you can get, so I could try to fix the code. Thank you.



Version: 1.4.4

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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