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And on the road? The FritzApp!
Fritz is the public youth program at the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB). In short: We make radio and us there's the radio. But also on the web at And in the FritzApp for smartphone and tablet. And you can earn here.
What's going on? What was?
With the FritzApp you can send us streaming LIVE hear - in two bandwidths: 128 kbit / s in stereo and 48 kbit / s in Mono aka High and Low Quality.
Of course, you also shows the FritzApp what's happening with us and ran: title and artist, broadcast and moderator, playlists and current Fritz actions. Everything included!
Know your communication!
The FritzApp always keeps you up to date in terms of messages - from here and from the area, from Germany and the world.
There's also for you the Fritz Tips for the latest information about fashion, cinema or plates and the current Popnews.
And congestion and weather for Berlin and Brandenburg can be found too!
listen to music streams! download podcasts! And the jingles!
What we have in the FritzApp? The music streams from the last seven days to simultaneously hear. All current podcasts and a complete charge Fritz Jingles for listening and downloading.
And otherwise?
The FritzApp is free. And one more tip: listening to the radio is data intensive (at 128 kbit / s about 60 megabytes per hour). If you want to listen to us more, so you should have a data plan.
And now: Pampe Mariinsky from jehta twelve! Oh no, the other set: Invite you the FritzApp!



Version: 2.1.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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