Rainbow Six Siege: Tactical Maps

3.5 (8)

Tools | 120.1MB


The fastest updating r6s map app at the moment that supports all maps of Rainbow Six Siege!
What is Rainbow Six Siege:
- Intelligent special forces fps game where tactics and strategies become the most important
- Understanding the map will increase the winning rate
However, there is no in-game mini map etc. in this game.
There is an official map on the PC website, but it is difficult to open the PC site and view the map during the game.
If you use this app:
- Through the floor tactics can be easily done
- You don't get lost in the game
- You can think about the best way to win
To gain a victory with this app!
Also, this app is based on one-handed operation.
Offline support! If you can't use wi-fi, you're ok!
This app is not a product of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft, or their registered trademarks. This app was developed by random players of Rainbow Six Siege.



Version: 1.21

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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