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Fear death, you fear her. Fear lifefear her. Overcome fear, you dance with her.She is black. She is dark. She is enormous. She is fearsome. One of the hymns addressed to her devotee says walk through your fears to dance with me. The best of her devotees are those who overcome fear itself including fear of self, fear of life and fear of death. Confronting and worshipping the Goddess in her dark self serves as the act of transcendence over fear and illusion. Because she is the Goddess of illusion. She is the ruler of the illusive time Kala. She is Kali.She creates time. She devours it. She defines the transience of life that we see around us. She destroys it. She is Maya. She is Mahamaya. In order to attain her, one needs to transcend the concept of time, look beyond the elusive materialistic world surrounding us. The most hardcore of her devotees take to the severest of the penances to achieve and attain the Goddess and are known as tantrics. More often, tantrics and their methodologies of appeasing the Goddess and to make her the vehicle of salvation are so austere, often they exceed the boundaries of maturity of the common devotee and hence the more mature esoteric content is covered in a different app. This app, designed for every devotee, walks us through Goddess Kalis origins, her relationship with Lord Shiva and the Hindu Pantheon, and her rituals. Additionally, her hymns chalisa, aarti, tandav struti, adyastrotam, ten mahavidya mantra, her yantras Kali Yantra, MahaKali Yantra, Kali Yantra Mandala, her devotees such as Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Maa Sarada, etc. and some of her temples are also covered. Devotees can also Get Blessed by performing puja. Devotees can also get an insight to the various forms of Goddess Kali, viz., Dakshina Kali, Bhadrakali, Samshana Kali, Siddha Kali, Maha Kali Mahakali, Guhya Kali, Kaalratri and Chamunda Kali. Overall, we bring you a allinone informative wealth of knowledge to attain the blessings of the pure and primordial Goddess of beauty the allencompassing akhanda sachidananda Ma Kali.note This app is FREE.This app is AD free.



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