Real Gangster Miami City: Auto Crime Theft

4.7 (43)

Action | 37.5MB


Let’s enter in the world of auto crime 3d simulator with your gangsters lead. In this real gangster Miami city, you can roam freely on the city’s street and so whatever you want. There will be different fighting & shooting missions that you have been assigned by your auto theft boss. Be careful from the police who is roaming in the grand city of criminals. You have been armed with different weapons for the combat survival against the other gangs. Complete your auto theft mission in this full thrilling world of crime 3d simulator. So get ready to play the most daring and action game. Experience the open world adventure and rule the city in your own way. Be a real gangster in the open world and do fighting with the other gangsters. Rescue your gang as well from other Miami mafia and do survival at the end of the shooting and fighting missions.
Mission of Grand City:
• Driving & Delivery Missions.
• Stealing & Robbery tasks.
• Fighting & Shooting targets.
• Open World Environment & Free Roam.
• Keep Track Missions on Map.
Get yourself indulge into grand crime world. The mafia thief life offers gangster city liberty to complete their mission but not easy, there will be a US police cops who is patrolling in the city. It is full of thrill, partying, fighting, shooting and city robbery.
Make your survival possible
Become a real grand gangster and enjoy the thug life in the Vegas city. You are just come from the prison so take revenge from that people who were involved in all this. Show that you are real thief robbery criminal and do fight against other enemy street gang. Play this shooting crime attack game and make your day full of challenges. Experience the best thug life that you have not been played before. In this mafia simulator, you can snatch and steal car, bike and other vehicle from the civilian in this open world survival game.
Believe in yourself!
In this open world game, you can drive heavy bikes, sports car, bus and police vehicle whenever you want. You are on the ground on the grand crime war. Make your survival possible at the end.



Version: 1.6

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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