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The new CLIMB ON! Online App allows the use of innovative web-based learning system CLIMB ON! Online on mobile devices running Android or iOS operating systems, and provides not only the already known by our offline products and advantages such as online update capability, interactive content, all official Prüfsprachen and audio support in German. In addition to these options, the user is additionally the option "guided learning path" is available. In this mode it is virtually taken by the hand and led in 10 steps up to the test of maturity. The compilation of exam simulations performed according to the official mode, but also takes into account previously answered incorrectly or labeled as difficult questions. As a learning aids are a short help text, a detailed explanatory text, the corresponding textbook page and, where appropriate instructional videos from the theory lessons available for each question.
• The app, best with WiFi connection, download them.
• In the app using the same credentials as CLIMB ON! Online registration (license is available in the driving school).
• Go to the mobile learning!
• The learning level is automatically adjusted - regardless whether it has been learned on the PC or with the app.

The basic version:
Familiar learning environment (as with CD and USB stick) with "practicing by Theme", "exam simulation" and practicing with the "flashcards".
• The guided learning path
A completely new, developed with educational psychologists learning method.
As with computer games, there are different levels in the guided learning path. From easy to difficult. And so is the exam material structured to guarantee rapid results and the fun of learning. You start with the easy questions and increases gradually up to testing maturity. After each step, there is a knowledge check, and you can practice the questions until they sit.

New innovative learning aids:
  • Tips and Hints for solving each question (general part, Class B)
  • With instructional videos from the lessons
  • With textbook for deepening
  • setting of all questions in German language
  • Extra: Matching textbook pages to each test question (general part, Class B)
For this exciting and innovative way to ask in your driver's license driving school after climbing a! Online license from the publisher Hubert Ebner - We are pleased to welcome you in our learning community you soon ...



Version: 1.5.400

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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