Santa 3D Live Wallpaper

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Personalization | 13.2MB


A Christmas holiday themed live wallpaper. A peaceful, interactive, 3D rendered scene to personalize the desktop background on your mobile device.
Santa Claus and his faithful reindeer Rudolph carrying the sleigh with Christmas presents. A journey across the world featuring a beautiful forest scenery, with snow-capped mountains under the calming moonlight. Double-tap to perform a trick, swipe left to speed up the sleigh or swipe down to destabilize it.
- Animated 3D Santa Claus, Sleigh and Reindeer.
- 3 different unique landscape scenes - Forest, North Pole and Desert
- 8 different animations, including Running, Galloping, Barrel Roll and more. (With more to come!)
- 3 Interactions currently available (Double tap, Swipe left, Swipe down), each with toggle options in the settings
- 4 different (optional) sound effects with bell chimes, Christmas tunes and more
- Parallax 3D effect using the device's Gyroscope (can be disabled in settings)
- Infinite scenery with trees and falling snow, Snow-capped mountains, a shining full moon and more in the Forest scene
- Chilled winter trees and lots of Christmas decorations in the Premium North Pole scene
- Exotic daily look, with sandy dunes and pyramids in the Desert scene
Optimized for battery life, even on mid-range devices. (Below 2% for tested devices)
Happy Holidays!



Version: 1.2.2

Requires: Android 4.0.3 or later


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