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Do you need TAXI? Or you wanna be TAXI driver?... Scootee App is created to enjoy scooter rides everywhere in the World. This is working tool for Scooter drivers. Like a TAXI, Better than TAXI. New Friends, new Experience! Cheap and fast! This App lets you find the rider or passenger alike. FREEDOM! Reach your destination! No more traffic! No parking problems! Scooteeap absolutely ANONYMOUS mobile application. No one can see your private details, even Scooteeapp. Embedded in the program PayPal system absolutely safe payment method. Scooteeapp don't collect any of your private information, and never share with anyone your personal information!
Install and enjoy!
App is perfect in its simplicity!
1. Do it fast: Search the ride or a passenger by single push of a button. Ride requests are sorted by time or distance.
2. Stay private: No registration is required. Don't spend a second on filling up any sort of registration form. Your fee payments are processed by reputable PayPal service.
3. Stay in touch: Doesn't matter where you are the App helps you to communicate quickly. Discuss your ride options via Chat.
4. Navigate conveniently: Use any navigator installed on your smartphone to reach your destination.
5. Have fun: Meet new friends! Join for a group ride or a scooterists club outing.
Breath and Love with Scotee App!



Version: 1.6

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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