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You set your brightness to the minimum value but it is still too bright? Then this app is exactly what you need!
The System Night Mode application lets you breach the limits, and set your screen brightness to extremely low levels (way lower than supported by android) using a cool looking, simple and user friendly user interface.
Main Features
Screen Dimmer
Dim your screen brightness way below the standard level supported by android
Full control from the Notification Bar
To make it even easier, you can control the brightness settings right from the Notification Bar! (Please note, you can disable this feature from the configuration settings)
Automatic turning off
You can easily schedule a daily automatic stopping of the "Night Mode" using the configuration settings
"Emergency" turn off
Entered "Night Mode" by mistake, and you can hardly see the content of the screen? Just press the phone's power button for 2 seconds, and the "Night Mode" will be stopped (Due to android limitations, this feature is supported only when the main screen of the application is displayed)
Required Permissions
"Draw over other apps"
– Is required in order to show the overlay filter that is responsible for dimming the screen.
"Full network access"
"View network connections"
– This is an ad supported application, and these permissions are required in order to load the ads when a network connection is available.



Version: 1.6

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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