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Realtime FFT analyzer in the lowfrequency region.SimpleFFT is a realtime Fast Fourier Transform analyzeraudio analyzer in the lowfrequency region using the voice from the microphone built into your Smartphone.Because it is possible to use it without accessory, you canuse it easily anytime and anywhere. It operates immediately if it starts. The temporal waveform can be displayed. To the analysis of the failure diagnosis of the equipment, the science education, the voice, and the musical instrument.This application program can be copied onto sd memory card only V2.2 or moreSample rate: 11025 AudioFormat:MONO 16bits. FFT number: 2048 Window function:HammingHorizontal axis: only Linear .Screen orientation:Landscapefixv1.3.0The frequency range was extended to 5K and was made to change smoothly stepless by dragging the screen.v1.4.0Fixed a mic issue for some devices.v1.5.0According to the size of your device, the display size of the transverse direction was adjusted automatically.Pro version of this APP is now available on the google Play.SoundAnalyzerPlease read an explanatory note on SoundAnalyzer for details.

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Version: 1.6.0

Requires: Android 2 or later


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