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SmartCoding is a community where everyone can share programming tips, nerd stories, news and everything concerning the geek world!
We have sections for every programming language (C,C++,Python,Scala,Rust,..) or topic with some active content.
Becoming a SmartCoder is simple.
No registration needed, just open the app and improve your programming skills.
Here the content is created from random users like you.
Do you have some great content, or a cool one-line function to rule the world? You can publish it on SmartCoding, you can also leave your social contacts to get noticed!
There are various sections and they change over time, just choose a topic of your interest and start diving in our posts.
Our posts have a simple structure:
- Title
- Short description of what your code accomplish along with an explaination
- Code snippet, specifying the language used
You can easily submit new content tapping on "Share your knowledge!".
There you'll find all the needed information to send us requests.



Version: 0.96

Requires: Android4.3 or later


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