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if you wana troll your best friends,or some people, you just to download this app, set the time , start and wait the snake move arrogant on the screen, with the sounds of snake, all that make the app is real, your friends will be Surprise, scare ,screaming hahah, .. so funny
This snake is just like a real one! Beautiful, large and very sinister. Trick your friend; take a photo and send it in the message to your friend! It's cool what is your cat going to tell on that? A classical beautiful cobra legend, a very interesting snake. If you like snakes, beautiful wallpapers with animals and snakes, if you love funny jokes and jokes on friends, this game is for you! Snakes are reflected in many legends and fairy tales. This is a game for you and your friends. In fact, snakes bring luck – that will tell you any dream book or horoscope. If you dreamed of a snake it is a sign of soon getting rich as snakes lived in the court of kings and thrones. Of course, many people are afraid of those black poisonous snakes, because they are in the hunt, almost every woman, but the snake is very beautiful. Snakes are very beautiful, you can scare your friend or mother, if you send them a picture where on your arm or neck, this snake is sitting.



Version: 1.3

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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