Snow Village Live Wallpaper

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Take a unique chance to watch offmap place where Santa wraps gifts in the company of friendly bears and starts his longawaited journeysnow Village, a secret festive base, dazzles with icy beauty while northern lights present rainbows of spirits.Features: beautiful softly falling snow a Christmas Tree with an animated garland KNOWN ISSUES: Honeycomb support is currently at minimum. We are currently working on it, will update soon. Stay in touch : if you own a Nexus One and have a Snow Village running while updating this app, it can show boot animation and then things will return back to normal. This is a bug in Nexus One, we can39;t do anything about it... Just select Snow Village in a wallpaper list again and it should work smoothly



Version: 2.1

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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