Sony Xperia S Desk Clock

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Have you seen the Xperia S Desk clock in ICS?Its beautiful.To launch it you have to launch the clock app and then the icon on the bottom left.Until NowXperia Desk Clock launches the Sony app directly.NOTE: This only works for the Sony Xperia S using the factory ICS ROM. thanks gibbylinksI plan to use this in 2 ways, either through LiveWare to launch it when a charger is connected, or via a SmartTag see my other apps for making theseEnjoy.Oh, if you dont have an Xperia S, this will not work for you.Oh, and just for clarity, I didn39;t write the clock, only the ability to directly launch the clock.Credit for that goes 100 to SONYAlso note, this only works on Sony Xperia S phones.Please don39;t leave a 1 star review if it doesn39;t work on you SK17i SX Mini Pro.You know who you are :That also applies to the samsung S3, Mr Frenchman :



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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