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Om Namo Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Yaya Namah. There is some history behind the construction of the temple in the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Pawana Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Pratishila on the Ravvala Hill in Banagana Pallelle Mandal. Sukab Narasamma, Narasimhas Garik Pawana Narasimha Murthy, the second child born on 27-02-1962, was born somewhere in Kadapa. Pavana Narasimha Murthy spent all his academic breaks in Kadapa and Pulivendula.
Later, as a job, I came to Banaganapalle and came to Venkata Sukayya ITI. Worked as an instructor from 1986 to 1995. Laxmanarana Reddy (ITIPPP) was a close friend of Rangayesi and Prasad Rao While working there, MA, B.Ed completed and worked as principals in public schools. After the birth of their baby, the father continued to live long after his wife's disappearance. She did not get married again, but she had spent a long time serving her mother. In times like that, the Lord has become a devotee of Pavana Narasimha Swamy.All my childhood was spent in Kadapa and Pulivendula. Kadapa read from about six to ten and then read with the friend of Harinath (present District Judge, Hyderabad) to read and study. I believe that there is no God. In Pulivendula, Gudur was a friend of Venkata Chila Maiya and became a close friend.He also contributed a lot of help in my mother 's service .Though I bought the god is not there, in the humanity of my mother and in my allies .Hence I spent my whole life in Banagana Palli .She is a human servant When the time comes,Once upon a trip back to Swavic Svan (a snake), a man was about 7 km from me. Traveled. We talked about Narasimhaswamy and the Swami's Debate in Banagana Pallu. I intend to build a church with faith in his words.



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