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SRI SRI GYAN VIKAS KENDRA is a complete University. It is a training institute where people are trained and equipped for personal development and fast tracking on the path of growth and prosperity. This University is not related to any Religion. Followers of various Religions come to attend our courses and having been trained, return to their respective Religions. Practical wisdom for improving life quality. In today's lightening fast world, Sri Sri Gyan Vikas Kendra is running its mission to help individuals get rid of stress & experience the inner peace. The Art of Happiest Living offers various stress elimination courses through which one can cherish the ancient practices of Yoga, Meditation & Rhythms of Breath with the beads of Knowledge and Music. These courses are the prominent part of our mission to make individuals walk on the path of self development. The various courses are designed for various purposes. Where some courses teach you the Living Attitude, i.e. the way to sit, eat, talk and live, some other are designed to nourish the body & mind i.e. the physical fitness & breathing techniques, which increases the resistance power to endure in the Unfavourable condition of life. Some courses are enriched with the magical rhythms of music, which can be indulged within only after working out on body and breath. These courses also teach the techniques to enjoy life in modern era along with all the luxuries. Whereas some courses teach you the life-strategy i.e. whatever the conditions are, still one can lead a stress free & prosperous life. To attain the perfection in life & to reach the final destination of becoming a Guru or the Master of one's own field, some advance courses are designed. Anyone irrespective of his/her caste, religion, state or country, can join these courses and get a chance to bring harmony into body, mind & soul. These various courses are taught by Guru Ji, Mata Ji and the Rishi's of the Kendra. In present, Kendra is running 6 courses



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