Steampunk LED Flashlight Free

4.3 (68)

Tools | 13.4MB


Download now for free the new Steampunk LED Flashlight, the only LED flashlight with an steampunk, gothic look, with powerful brightest light for your Android!
Turn on easy the flash next to the back camera of your mobile device, to perform all kinds of activities, such as:
- Read a book at night or when it is dark
- Light the way when camping or walking, when traveling outdoors
- Make yourself visible on the road at night or when there is little visibility
- Light your room during a power outage
- Ask for help, be more easily located when you get lost
The only flashlight with perfectly optimized graphics for 4K screen!
Totally in English and updated this 2017!
Unlike many other applications, the flashlight does not turn off when the device is locked, minimize the application also allows to use any other application while the LED lights.
Use the flash of your camera phone to emit bright light. Some devices do not incorporate a camera flash. In this case, you can use the screen light.
In addition, it is one of few flashlights adapted to allow optimal performance in the new Android 6.0!



Version: 4.1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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