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Sticker Maker for WhatsApp : Pics Sticker Maker is the mobile application to create your own personal sticker from your pictures for your whatsApp chatting with anybody whether it is your friend or family. You can save and stone infinite number of stickere of your picture from your gallery.
These stickers can be of your friends, your dog, your pet animals, favorite celebrities. Even of your favorite things like your car house etc. This sticker maker app will help you to show your feelings and emotions visually by Custom sticker.
This Sticker Maker for WhatsApp : Pics Sticker Creator application is user friendly and you can create your own art by diy sticker form this sticker maker app. Make stickers for whatapp. It will create sticker set in which you can add sticker.
How to use this sticker maker app called Sticker Maker for WhatsApp : Pics Sticker Maker
Download and install Sticker creator application
Diy sticker and create stickers for watsapp
Open Sticker creator application
Create your pack name and message
Make your own sticker for whatsapp
Select the picture from gallery
Clear the background
Edit or crop or rotate the picture to make sticker of your type
You can add as many sticker as you want
Add it on your whatsapp
Choose the person or group chat where you want to send sticker.
Best feature of Sticker Maker for WhatsApp : Pics Sticker Maker
Create any numbers of stickers
Create sticker and emojis of your friends and your faces
You can use camera to take new picture or can select picture from your gallery for sticker creator
Clear the background to diy sticker
Rotate or edit sticker and crop image
Make Stickerpop, cut sticker or make sticker paper
Save image to create sticker.
This will be Sticker design also sticker printing can be done
You can add sticker you made to your whatsApp for later use
This diy sticker creator app is sticker machine for you. Install Sticker Maker for WhatsApp : Pics Sticker Maker and explore it. You can make your own custom sticker and emojis of yourself! Have fun and enjoy stickers of you and your friends faces. This sticker maker app is only for fun and happiness.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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