StudioEars 2 Audio EQ Training

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Music & Audio | 29.6MB


With StudioEars 2 you improve your Audio Engineering Music Mixing & Mastering skills.
Put your hands onto a Multi-Band Equalizer EQ Trainer and get Your Mix to match a Target Mix.
Choose from a variety of sounds, take Frequency EQ Quiz Units and get a decent practice in rhythm and harmonics.
Sounds include a variety from Pink Noise to real instruments.
In BPM Recognition, Rhythmic Patterns, Intervals, Chords and Scales exercises you can train your ear to harmonize with some of the most important aspects of music.
StudioEars 2 also comes with a few useful tools such as a BPM Tapper, Metronome or Tone Generator.
To keep track of your ear training and audio engineering improvements StudioEars 2 also provides a statistics section.
Try before you buy! Start up to 10 Training Units for free.
StudioEars 2 Overview:
- Frequency Training in Hands-on Equalizer or EQ Quiz Trainer Mode
- BPM Recognition
- Rhythmic Pattern building
- Harmonics: Intervals, Chords, Scales
- Reverb and Compressor Quiz Trainer
- Tools: BPM Tapper, Metronome, Tone Generator
- Audio Quiz Statistics



Version: 1.0.9

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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