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Increase your remember power with this sweet musics.
We provide you lots of music for free which music are help you for meditation and make your mind more relaxing so you can be with you and increase concentration therefore your memory power also will increase.
if you feel tired or you can't concentrate in your work then listen this amazing music that will increase your memory power
We provide your very high quality Musix to you so you can hear crystal clear sound and take more attention in your work.
Feature :
☺ 26+ meditation and relaxing musics.
☺ It Includes
- piano music
- Flute Music
- Movie Intro
- Natural sounds like bird, waterfall, Spring, Summer
- Root Chakr
- Sleep helping music
- Drum with flute sound mixture also include dholak music
- Forest Walk
- Morning Seras
- And lots of other instrument mixture sound
☺ You can also set timer for auto off sound which is help in if your sleep by this sound , music will automatically stop when timer is finished.
☺ Now no worry about stress, heavy medicine for sleep,Relax your mind in 2 minute with this amazing sound system.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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