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Your music when you want it with Substreamer and the Subsonic music server (
Easily see newly added albums, recently played albums and most played albums or just grab a list of random albums for something different.
Discover new songs and old favorites by genre or year and build a dynamic favorites list by simply swiping left to skip or right to favorite! Or just let the list play through and each song that you don't skip will get added to our recent discovery playlist so you can always go back and find it later and add it to your favorites.
Got a song stuck in your head? Sure that you have it on an album somewhere but just can't remember where? Just search! Search by any keyword and find matching artists, albums and songs in your collection. Connect your subsonic server with your account and Substreamer can also tap into to give you more information about artists in your collection and recommend similar artists in your own collection for you to explore.
Build up a play queue of your favorite rock songs and just hit save as playlist to have it stored on the server for later.
Of course you can also just hit your favorite album and press play.
- Auto caching of coverart
- Auto caching of current and next song for smooth playback
- Full offline support. Cache your albums and playlists and listen offline.
- Playlist management. Ability to reorder tracks in a playlist and update the server
- Discovery gives you random playlists by genre and year and allows you to quickly skip through or favorite the songs you really like. It's a great way to build up a list of favorites or use it like a radio but with only your music!
- Quick lists of random / recently played / frequently played and newest albums
- Easy search by artist, album and song
- Artist info and similar artists based on recommendations
- Enable on your subsonic server to have scrobbling
- Works on tablets and phones, install it on all your devices!
Get Subsonic server at:
If you have any issues let me know so I can try and fix any bugs!



Version: 1.6.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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