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Sumaprop is a comprehensive online property management system that allows real estate professionals manage all your properties and contacts simple and efficient way, in addition to network with colleagues and disseminate leading real estate portals.
With our application you can:
1. See all your properties.
2. Send cards to customers.
3. Respond and assign new customer inquiries.
4. Check your list of contacts and create new ones.
Sumaprop allows you to:
Centralize property loading
You can upload your properties in one place, all at once. The process is simple: you enter the property data (information, images, videos, comments) and guards in the system. You can always return to update or edit what you need.
Spread in multiple portals
Forget manually publish your site property portal, just select what you would like to publish portals and the system will do it for you.
Create your website
Upload your logo, choose one of our models specially designed for real estate sites, and edit as you like. If you wish, you Sumaprop provide access to a code editor for designers, which will allow you to further customize your website.
Manage your contacts
Enter, segmenting and easily sort your contacts in the system, fast and practical way. To keep track of them, we give these tools:
- Alert properties
- Calendar
- Customizable Tags
- Automated Tracking
Peer Networking Access
Sumaprop networking offers you a unique space where you can spread and share properties and comments among real estate professionals.
Analyze your performance
Get to know the performance metrics of different media and portals, and specific information to optimize investment in marketing actions. Reports are fundamental to understand what your team is doing and what the overall performance of your real estate.



Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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