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Swipe Calculator
is a gesture based basic calculator app for Android phones and tablets. Our free calculator app offers operations by swipes to the right, left, up and down! This calculator apps elegant way to perform operations grants faster inputs and a great user experience based on simple gestures. Math hasn't been more intuitive!
★ Swipe right on the number field: Addition
★ Swipe left on the number field: Subtraction
★ Swipe up on the number field: Multiplication
★ Swipe down on the number field: Division
★ Swipe right on the display field: Equal
★ Swipe left on the display field: Clear
★ Tap on the display field: Backspace input/operations
★ Tap on menu icon: Change to alternative input method
★ Additional Operators in the sidebar like square root and percentage
We have set ourselves the goal to build beautiful and simple apps for Android. We believe that Android apps should look crisp and simply beautiful. Additionally we want to deliver an intuitive app based on a self-explanatory user experience. We believe that we have achieved this goals by our first app - the Swipe Calculator App and we offer it for free! We believe that we have designed one of the best free Android calculator apps in the Android market.
Feel free to check out our beautiful calculator app, it's free, go download it! ;)
Currently we are working on a pro-version of the swipe calculator app, so stay tuned!



Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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