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An application that brings you together with the most concordant set of talents in the world of entertainment, film and glitterati!
Take007 defines a dais of talents who desire to explore their forte and venture to make it big in the world of glitterati! Right from the back-stage industry production, to film education; or the movie casting to the sparkling stage actors and actresses, Take007 furnishes you with the most congenial set of people willing to collaborate and work towards fame. Break the stereotypes and meet new people to dispense your share of apprehensions through our skilled portal!
We cater to provide rejuvenated talents to the theatres and film fraternity; and at the same time helping the youth showcase their prowess on differentiated podiums. Our meet-up page, an online lounge and a jobs page broadcasts members to conglomerate with others on movie ventures, helping you to range through a pandemonium of Film jobs, Entertainment jobs, TV jobs and even Movie auditions, all along with the mandatory social media obligations.
1. Talent Casting Solutions.
2. Job Postings & Placement in Film & Entertainment Industry.
3. Offering Online Courses.
4. Dispatching News.
5. Dispensing Auditions.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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